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Retiring from Work, Embracing Life

If you happen to be a member of the demographic tsunami known as the Baby Boomer Generation, you’ve probably noticed that (a) you’re suddenly getting a lot of mail from AARP, (b) the “kids” are finally listening to you again, and (c) more and more of your fellow 50- and 60-somethings are pulling up stakes and moving to “retirement” communities.

And by the way, on the subject of retirement communities, here’s another news flash:  the term retirement community is headed for, well, retirement. Why? Because these days, the goals and desires propelling people to move to these communities have less to do with retiring from life and more to do with embracing it. Indeed, for many active older adults, moving to a community like, say, Quarry Hill offers distinct advantages over staying put. For instance:

Staying connected

As the years go by, it can sometimes feel as though your world is shrinking. Kids grow up and move away; friends disperse; you hang around the house more and go out less. But in an older-adult community, interesting people and activities are close at hand. You’ll find neighbors out walking and visiting at all times of day. Plus transportation services make it easy to stay connected to the world beyond your own four walls.

Shared caring

What with homes, jobs, and kids of their own, your grown children may not be able to deliver the support you need now, let alone down the road. A community dedicated to the needs of older adults has professionals ready to provide whatever care you might need. So it’s unlikely you’ll ever have to lean on sons or daughters for support.

Chore-free living

Few of us want to spend our golden years mowing grass and shoveling snow. Older-adult communities tackle these and many other household chores for you, so you have more time for fun.

A healthier life

Studies suggest that people who move to older-adult communities live longer and healthier than those who “age in place.” On-site access to fitness options—free exercise classes, walking trails, health-education seminars, etc.—is one reason. Housing that’s specially designed around the needs of older adults is a close second.

So next time you find yourself wondering where all your fellow Boomers have gone, check a few 55-plus communities in your neck of the woods. Or call Quarry Hill. You just might be tempted to move here yourself.