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We’ve just wrapped up a year-long celebration of Quarry Hill’s 10th anniversary— and what a meaningful year it was!

From the opening outdoor barbecue in June 2012 to the indoor Beach Party in early 2013, the year’s events, centered on a theme of “Building Community,” gave us ample opportunity to reflect on strengths gained during our first decade as one of Maine’s premier senior-living communities. We’re financially strong. And we’re blessed with amazing friends—individuals like you, as well as numerous organizations that share our commitment to older adults.

Even more significantly, the people who know us best—our residents and their families—say they love us. In a survey conducted in 2012 by the independent research company My InnerView, a resounding 100 percent of participating independent-living and long-term-care residents described their overall satisfaction with Quarry Hill as “excellent” or “good” and indicated that they would recommend our community to others. Fully 95 percent of those who received short-term nursing care at Quarry Hill answered “excellent” or “good” to the same questions, and surveys completed by residents of our traditional assisted living community yielded similar results.

The value of these and other assets becomes clearer by the day as we begin our second decade.  Already we’re making confident strides in the face of challenges surrounding…


Potential cutbacks in MaineCare—the Medicaid program on which a substantial percentage of our assisted  living and nursing care residents relies—may limit both eligibility and coverage. We’re closely monitoring developments in Augusta while using our membership in the Maine Healthcare Association to help influence policy makers.

Residents’ Expectations

Today’s older adults want senior-living communities that offer flexibility, modern technologies, convenience, and choice. We’re saying yes to rising expectations by embellishing our apartments; helping cottage purchasers realize their design dreams; and installing new technologies, like wireless Internet access, throughout the Anderson Inn.

Healthcare Delivery

The new Affordable Care Act has major implications for Quarry Hill and its parent organization, Pen Bay Healthcare. Together, we’re working to adapt to the changes ahead while continuing to improve quality of care.

We hope you’ll continue to follow us as we navigate these and other shifts in the senior-living landscape. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that birthdays aren’t just about where you’ve been. They’re about where you’re headed—and the friends who help you get there.