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Volunteers Rule!

People often ask whether there’s a place for volunteers at Quarry Hill, and if so, what volunteer jobs are available. The answers are (1) YES, and (2) LOTS! And with study after study pointing to the long-term health benefits of volunteering—everything from improved mental sharpness to better physical health–evidence is mounting that just by lending a hand, you’ll help yourself as much as you do others.

To get you started, we offer here just a few of the many, many ways volunteers make a difference every day at Quarry Hill:

Assisting with Special Events



Holiday Activities

Visiting with Our Residents

Reading Aloud

Playing Cards or Other Games

Helping with Letter Writing of Email

Surfing the Internet

Playing a Musical Instrument

Bringing in Pets

Going for Walks

Distributing Books or Magazines

Just Chatting

Helping with Group Activities


Social Events

Entertaining (do you play a musical instrument? Dance? Act?)


Slide Shows

Craft Projects

Helping with Clerical/Office Tasks

Working in Our Gift Shop

Maybe you see something that appeals to you. Or maybe you have another idea you’d like to discuss? Either way, we’d love to hear from you. Please call volunteer coordinator Noreen Clark at 207-301-6250.