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Ready, Set, Sell Your Home!

Tempted by Quarry Hill’s new “Cherry on Top” cash incentives to finally purchase that maintenance-free cottage you’ve been waiting for—but worried you won’t be able to sell your existing home? Well, don’t let the doomsayers get you down: You can sell your home in today’s market. And you don’t have to lose your shirt –or your sanity—in the process.  

 Senior real estate specialist Nicole Bland, ABR©, SRES©, recommends dividing the process into five doable steps.

1. Pricing. Consult your broker for an objective assessment of your home’s market value. He or she will consider the home’s dimensions, layout, lot size, and condition; identify key selling features; and factor in curb appeal.

2. “Staging.” That’s real-estate lingo for sprucing up your home to appeal to prospective buyers. It might mean giving the place a thorough cleaning, fixing a leaky faucet, or just corralling clutter to create a cleaner, airier look. Outdoors, you’ll want to clean up the yard, keep the grass mowed, and remedy any obvious issues like flaking paint or sagging gutters.

3.  Showing the property. Often, it’s best to let your broker handle the job of showing the house to prospective buyers. Let the broker know if you’d prefer showings during specific hours or if you’d like him or her to be present when other agents show the home. Holding an open house? Be sure to place valuables and prescription meds out of sight.

4.  Negotiating the sale. Once you have an offer (hooray!), your broker can help you decide whether it’s reasonable and help guide you through the negotiations. Discuss the offer with your grown children, siblings, and anyone else with a stake—emotional, financial, or otherwise—in the deal. Before you accept an offer, and certainly before closing, remember to have an attorney review all documents and contracts.

 Step 5? Break out the champagne; raise a toast to a new, more carefree life; and then check out the beautiful cottage homes waiting for you at Quarry Hill.