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Adventures in Cyberspace

If you’re online—and obviously, you are—then you’re already part of what is surely one of the most dramatic cultural shifts the world has ever known. It’s the electronic revolution. And in the space of just a few decades, it has fundamentally changed the way people seek and share information and ideas.  

 Here at Quarry Hill, we’ve come a long way from our original website, launched back in what now seems, in electronic terms, like Paleozoic era (2001? 2002?). Today we’re using “new media” to reach more people than ever before—and make it easier for them to reach us. In 2008, we gave the website an overhaul, making it cleaner, brighter, easier to navigate, and more interactive. And just last year, we launched two new adventures in  cyberspace: the blog series you’re now reading, offering news and perspectives on the joys and challenges of older adulthood; and a page on Facebook, where we post coming events, images, info on the recent staff and resident doings, apartment and cottage availability, and all sorts of tidbits of interest to older adults and their families (we already have 117 “friends” and counting!).

 All of this has made it easier for people to get information about Quarry Hill. But for us, perhaps the best thing about these new electronic communication tools is the dialogue it allows us to have with you—our residents and families as well as those considering their retirement and healthcare options. Every day, through the web and via Facebook, you write to us—and great relationships result.

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