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Goodbye, Winter–and Its Woes

As we write, winter—the worst of it, anyway—appears to be behind us. And yet, when you live in Maine, you know that before you know it, it will happen again: The days will grow shorter. The snow tires will roll out of storage. And we’ll wonder if we have it in us to face another five months of snow, ice, and frigid winds.

We’ve noticed, however, that for people who live at Quarry Hill, the mere mention of winter does not seem to induce terminal Furrowing of the Brow. Some even look forward to it. No doubt the presence of the world’s best grounds crew, tackling their every plowing, shoveling, sanding, and salting need 24/7, has a lot to do with that. But it also owes something, we think, to all the good stuff residents have time and energy for come winter, precisely because they no longer have to battle the elements.

They have time and energy for family, for one thing. No longer burdened or distracted by home maintenance, residents report that “together” time with those nearest and dearest has at last become “quality” time, with family ties growing richer and stronger as a result. Indeed, residents’ adult children and grandchildren drop by so frequently, our staff has come to think of many of them as family, too. And in recent months, we’ve been pleased to see numerous residents embark on family adventures far afield—flying off to meet a new grandchild or great-grandchild, whale watching off the coast of California, or sharing weekends at a backwoods camp that’s been in the family for generations.

Additionally, and perhaps just as importantly, life at Quarry Hill offers an abundance of opportunities to appreciate winter’s warmer, fuzzier side. We’re talking cozy, indoor parties like our annual tropical indoor Beach Party. Thought-provoking speakers on everything from poetry to coping with chronic vertigo. Onsite fitness classes. Discussion groups. Or just sitting down with friends over a cuppa something,hot while the snow flies.

Right now–while the memory of last winter is fresh–is a great time to get on Old Man Winter’s good side. So if getting through the colder half of the year is getting harder for you or someone you love, why not call Quarry Hill at 207-921-6116? And let us show you what a marshmallow that old guy can be.